House of Lords news

Title Date
Judicial appointments re-examined in Lords inquiry 08.03.2017
Which sectors will be hit hardest by controls on EU workers? 08.03.2017
UK Information Commissioner questioned on the EU Data Protection Package 08.03.2017
What is the Government's plan for British agriculture and Brexit? 08.03.2017
Is the Government prepared to deliver on the UK’s nuclear energy needs? 07.03.2017
'Great Repeal Bill' should not be used to avoid parliamentary scrutiny 07.03.2017
Government should pursue preferential agreement with EU on future migration 06.03.2017
UK payments to EU budget could end but political consequences would be profound 04.03.2017
Government response to Brexit: the options for trade report 03.03.2017
Publication of 'Great Repeal Bill' and delegated powers report 03.03.2017
Minister for the Constitution gives annual evidence to Committee 03.03.2017
Minister for International Development talks UK challenges in the Middle East 03.03.2017
Expert peers give evidence for Brexit: devolution inquiry 02.03.2017
Lawyers and academics discuss EU data protection rules with Committee 01.03.2017
Lord Chancellor gives annual evidence to Constitution Committee 01.03.2017
UK agriculture – animal health and welfare post-Brexit 01.03.2017
Government must ensure Gibraltar's voice is heard during Brexit say Lords 01.03.2017
Minister for the Middle East gives evidence to Committee 28.02.2017
What effect will Brexit have on the UK’s job market? 28.02.2017
Brexit: the options for trade report debated by Lords 28.02.2017