House of Lords news

Title Date
Lords tax credits debate 07.03.2016
Welfare Reform and Work Bill: Consideration of Commons amendments 04.03.2016
Private rented sector representatives provide evidence to Committee 04.03.2016
Strathclyde Review Inquiry: Earl Howe and Lord Strathclyde give evidence 04.03.2016
Most taxpayers unaware of important changes to the tax system 04.03.2016
Legal experts questioned on process of UK exit from European Union 03.03.2016
Palace of Westminster Committee question industry experts on restoration proposals 03.03.2016
Minister and Government Chief Scientific Adviser questioned by Committee 03.03.2016
Former Chief Economist of European Central Bank gives evidence 03.03.2016
Government publishes Investigatory Powers Bill 02.03.2016
Bank of England questioned on the UK Housing Market 02.03.2016
Bill likely to reduce Labour funding, but Committee proposes way forward 02.03.2016
Lords debates UK and EU 01.03.2016
Campaign groups give evidence on EU membership and UK science 29.02.2016
Palace of Westminster restoration and renewal explored 29.02.2016
EU Military Director General gives evidence on Operation Sophia 26.02.2016
Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Bill powers deserve proper consideration 25.02.2016
Lords private members' bills 25.02.2016
No need to change BBC's mission to 'inform, educate and entertain' 24.02.2016
Leading charities questioned on refugee routes through Mediterranean 22.02.2016