House of Commons news

Title Date
BBC and market research consultancies questioned on voter engagement 19.06.2014
Peter Hain gives evidence for "on-the-runs" inquiry 18.06.2014
National Pollinator Strategy: First evidence session 18.06.2014
Maintaining strategic infrastructure: roads evidence session 18.06.2014
Government refused to raise ambition of HS2's environmental protections 18.06.2014
Help to Buy scheme yet to show value for money 18.06.2014
Poor white British boys and girls educationally underperforming 18.06.2014
Health Committee backs HCPC over regulation for social care workers 18.06.2014
Vice Principal questioned on radicalisation in schools 17.06.2014
Medical Professional bodies give evidence on complaints and raising concerns 17.06.2014
Plastic bags: Government response 17.06.2014
Gregory Barker gives evidence on Green Deal: watching brief 17.06.2014
Winter floods - protection must take priority over cost-cutting 17.06.2014
Perspectives on the impact of National Planning Policy Framework explored 16.06.2014
Army 2020 evidence session on transition to new structure 16.06.2014
Committee visit Edinburgh to question Scottish Government Minister John Swinney 16.06.2014
Energy generation in Wales: Shale Gas report published 16.06.2014
Urgent action required on tobacco smuggling strategy 14.06.2014
Committee takes evidence on revisiting the Cabinet Manual 12.06.2014
Final evidence sessions for inquiry into ESA and WCA 11.06.2014