House of Commons news

Title Date
Treasury Committee questions Chancellor on the Budget 24.03.2015
MPs consider Lords amendments to the Recall of MPs Bill 24.03.2015
Urgent Question: Rural Payment Agency: Basic Payment Scheme 24.03.2015
Statement on Falkland Islands Defence Review: 24 March 2015 24.03.2015
MPs consider Lords amendments to Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill 24.03.2015
On-the-runs scheme "questionably unlawful" and "distorted legal process" 24.03.2015
Women Offenders: Follow-up report published 24.03.2015
Migration and ISIL in Libya pose security threats for UK 24.03.2015
Defra needs strong leadership and expertise to support UK environment and farming 24.03.2015
MPs call for full independent review of benefit sanctions 24.03.2015
Defence plans no longer address new threats 24.03.2015
Directly-elected chairs have been a success for select committees 24.03.2015
UK’s commitment to children’s rights doesn’t go far enough 24.03.2015
New UK constituency data website from Commons Library 23.03.2015
Committee question IFS and OBR on Budget 2015 23.03.2015
HMRC representatives questioned on tax avoidance and evasion: HSBC 23.03.2015
Civil servants must remain impartial in future referendums 23.03.2015
Current company insolvency system too heavily skewed 23.03.2015
Committee reports on constitutional implications of draft Scotland clauses 22.03.2015
Committee concerned by relative decline in bilateral aid spending 21.03.2015