House of Commons news

Title Date
BBC Director-General appears before the Committee 11.03.2015
Childcare and Education Minister questioned on Sure Start centres 11.03.2015
Government must grasp climate change adaptation challenge 11.03.2015
UK's record on implementing human rights judgments risks being undermined 11.03.2015
Children in care report published 11.03.2015
Commons debated statutory instruments on counter-terrorism 10.03.2015
Roger Stone, former Rotherham Council leader, appears before Committee 10.03.2015
Committee takes evidence on Defra’s responsibility for fracking 10.03.2015
Phillip Hammond questioned on developments in UK foreign policy 10.03.2015
Smith Agreement "best of both worlds" for Scotland 10.03.2015
Single regulator and independent commission needed to protect pension savers 10.03.2015
Transatlantic trade deal must not dilute environmental safeguards 10.03.2015
Procedural arrangements for forming a Government after an election 09.03.2015
Quality Apprenticeships have doubled but need to be increased further 09.03.2015
Treasury has not learned a key lesson of 2007 crash 09.03.2015
Safeguards needed over police use of Harassment Warnings 08.03.2015
Plans to roll out smart meters by 2020 off-track 07.03.2015
'Governance gap' in use of biometric data must be fixed 07.03.2015
Strategy to maximise benefits of new motoring technology needed 06.03.2015
UK should stand up for Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy 06.03.2015