Commons news

Title Date
Media enquiries following dissolution 27.04.2017
Concerns persist over patients' access to GPs and staffing levels 27.04.2017
Government statistics inadequate for the needs of agriculture 27.04.2017
Committee sceptical of commitment to scrutinise billion pound conflict fund 27.04.2017
Protect Northern Ireland veterans with Statute of Limitations 26.04.2017
Prime Minister's Questions: 26 April 2017 26.04.2017
Stronger sustainable drainage policies to help cut flood risk needed 26.04.2017
Jobcentre Plus closures result of incoherent planning and need rethink 26.04.2017
Money must follow patients to pay for support in the community 26.04.2017
BBC and Capita must improve performance on licence fee enforcement 26.04.2017
Government has no clear plan for Global Goals in UK 26.04.2017
Address staffing, immigration and research concerns to protect UK universities 25.04.2017
Building for equality: Government must lead the charge 25.04.2017
Draft Sentencing Guideline on breach offences: risk of increase in custodial sentences 25.04.2017
CDC must control costs as it faces new investment challenges 25.04.2017
More work required to combat fraud in Government's overseas spending 25.04.2017
MoD has little flexibility to deal with changing military priorities 25.04.2017
Urgent Question on Government's air quality strategy 24.04.2017
General election: opportunity for parties to commit to gender equality 24.04.2017
This week in the Commons: 18-20 April 2017 21.04.2017