Committee news

Title Date
Progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal report published 18.03.2018
What is the impact of China's global economic role on the UK? 16.03.2018
Minister discusses Brexit and climate change with Committee 16.03.2018
Brexit: plant and animal biosecurity inquiry launched 16.03.2018
Government still failing to get a grip on oversight of LEPs 16.03.2018
Representatives from organisations developing early intervention programmes questioned 15.03.2018
Committees call for a new Clean Air Act 15.03.2018
Department for International Development's work in Burma examined 14.03.2018
Secretary of State questioned on fake news 14.03.2018
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs examined by Committee 14.03.2018
Northern Ireland electricity sector examined 14.03.2018
Pensions Minister questioned on collective defined contribution pensions 14.03.2018
Bank's green intentions not adequately protected in sell-off 14.03.2018
Minister for the Constitution gives annual evidence to Committee 13.03.2018
Google questioned on failure to remove National Action content 13.03.2018
Impact of post-Brexit trade on Welsh economy explored 13.03.2018
EU Committee visits Gibraltar to examine impact of Brexit 13.03.2018
Training providers and policy experts questioned on apprenticeships 13.03.2018
Government procurement of public services investigated 13.03.2018
Legal practitioners, industry and union representatives questioned 12.03.2018