Committee news

Title Date
Former European Commission official discusses sanctions policy with Committee 12.10.2017
Karen Bradley MP questioned on Brexit and creative industries 11.10.2017
Michael Russell MSP and academics questioned on EU (Withdrawal) Bill 11.10.2017
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill examined by Committee 11.10.2017
Ministers questioned on strategy to deliver equality 11.10.2017
Civic engagement of young people investigated by Committee 11.10.2017
Brexit: the EU data protection package report debated in the Lords 11.10.2017
Lawyers give evidence on post-Brexit financial regulation and supervision 11.10.2017
Academics and auditors give evidence on reciprocal healthcare after Brexit 11.10.2017
Lord Adonis, Lord Willetts and Paul Johnson questioned by Committee 10.10.2017
Ruth Lea and John Longworth give evidence on Brexit prospects 10.10.2017
Academics and journalists give the 'big picture' on AI 10.10.2017
Is the Government committed to protecting the natural environment? 10.10.2017
Opinion mining and research companies give evidence on polling 10.10.2017
Coffee Cup waste examined with industry insiders and academics 10.10.2017
Home Office's capacity to deliver immigration services examined 10.10.2017
Financial Conduct Authority briefs Committee on Brexit and consumer protection 10.10.2017
Geopolitics of the Western Balkans under the microscope 09.10.2017
Lords debate impact of Brexit on devolution 09.10.2017
House of Lords back to business 06.10.2017