Committee news

Title Date
UK progress on reducing F-gas emissions examined 05.12.2017
Pharmaceutical evidence highlights concerns for industry after Brexit 05.12.2017
How have funding cuts affected the work of Natural England? 05.12.2017
Sir John Bell questioned on his Life Sciences Industrial Strategy 05.12.2017
Taylor report author and UK Ministers questioned on sustainable employment 05.12.2017
Deputy Mayor, religious leaders, and academics give evidence to Committee 04.12.2017
Treasury Minister gives evidence on financial regulation and supervision after Brexit 04.12.2017
Research integrity examined with experts and academics 04.12.2017
Professor John Curtice and pollsters face questions on regulation 04.12.2017
Lords assess impact of digital advertising 04.12.2017
Is there enough respect for further and technical education? 04.12.2017
Committee asks Dame Louise Casey whether integration has improved 04.12.2017
Lords AI Committee looks at lessons from abroad 01.12.2017
Progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal report released 01.12.2017
Better safeguards for vulnerable claimants needed 30.11.2017
Ministers questioned on improving air quality 30.11.2017
Committee follows up on post-Brexit trade in air services 30.11.2017
EU external approach to migration considered by Committee 30.11.2017
Review of women in executive management examined by Committee 29.11.2017
Brexit impact on dairy, poultry and pigs industries 29.11.2017