Committee news

Constitution Committee reports on status of the Leader of the House

House of Lords Constitution Committee publishes report

Sham marriage ‘industry’ increasing at an alarming rate

Home Affairs Committee publishes report on sham marriages

Adapting sports to lifestyles of girls and women is key

Committee says low participation rates by women in sport are a cause of serious concern for the future health of the nation

Lower VAT on recycled products and extend consumer warranties

Environmental Audit Committee publishes report into the Circular economy: ending the throwaway society

Lords hear from former British Ambassador and regional expert

EU Sub-Committe on External Affairs takes evidence at 10.05am

More committee news

Title Date
Government must do more to reduce risk of vCJD infection 24.07.2014
Lords take evidence from former Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice 23.07.2014
Why should the state be involved in childcare? 23.07.2014
UK-US extradition treaty in the spotlight as lords question US legal experts 23.07.2014
Crossrail: textbook example of how to get things right 23.07.2014
Employment and Support Allowance needs fundamental redesign, say MPs 23.07.2014