Committee news

DfE officials questioned on Government's social work reform

Education Committee questions Minister and Chief Social Worker

Academics discuss Russian foreign policy

Foreign Affairs Committee takes evidence on UK-Russia relations from academics

Government Supply Estimates examined with academics

Procedure Committee questions members of the Study of Parliament Group

Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 3 May 2016

Watch MPs put forward a case to debate their selected subjects

Serious Fraud Office questioned on proceeds of crime

Home Affairs Committee questions experts on the proceeds of crime

More committee news

Title Date
Universities and improving employment outcomes for Muslims 29.04.2016
Serious questions still to be answered on extending right to buy 29.04.2016
Journalists discuss UK military operations in Syria and Iraq 28.04.2016
Vulnerable children turned away from mental health treatment report finds 28.04.2016
Secretary of State questioned on UK steel industry 27.04.2016
Chamber debate on education funding in London 27.04.2016