Northern Ireland

Urgent Question: Recent development in the On The Runs scheme

Ian Paisley MP to ask UQ in the Commons

Secretary of State and Permanent Secretary to give evidence

Northern Ireland Affairs Committe take evidence for "on-the-runs" inquiry

Tony Blair gives evidence to "on-the-runs" inquiry

Former Prime Minister gives evidence to Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

Permanent Secretary gives evidence for "on-the-runs" inquiry

Sir Jonathan Stephens gives evidence to the administraitve scheme for "on-the-runs" inquiry

Peter Sheridan and Dr Michael Maguire give evidence

Assistant Chief Constable of PSNI and Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland give evidence

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Title Date
Lords debates devolution 30.10.2014
MPs debate the National Crime Agency 22.10.2014
Statement on implementation of the Hallett Report: 9 September 2014 09.09.2014
Jonathan Powell to give evidence to "on-the-runs" inquiry 08.09.2014
Secretary of State gives evidence to on-the-runs inquiry 03.09.2014
Statement on the report of the Hallett Review: 17 July 2014 17.07.2014