Parliament should return on Monday 11 May

Political and Constitutional Reform Committee publish its report on Government formation post-election

Voter registration deadline for 2015 general election approaches

Voter registration deadline for 2015 general election approaches

You must be registered by 20 April if you want to vote on 7 May

Committee reports on constitutional implications of draft Scotland clauses

Consequences for the rest of the UK of draft Scotland clauses need to be considered

MPs debate televised election debates and cross-border crime

Subjects for debate chosen by the Democratic Unionist Party

Procedural arrangements for forming a Government after an election

PCRC to take evidence from House of Commons Clerks, Civil Servants and MP’s

More elections

Title Date
Recall of MPs Bill: Lords third reading 03.03.2015
Individual Electoral Registration 2015 one-off session 02.03.2015
Government formation post-election 23.02.2015
Votes at 16 for Scotland should have had full parliamentary scrutiny 23.02.2015
MPs debated apprenticeships and electoral registration 04.02.2015
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 9 January 2015 09.01.2015