Committee continues evidence on Voter engagement in the UK

PCRC to take evidence from 38 Degrees and the National Union of Students

Youth Select Committee launch inquiry into lowering voting age to 16

Youth Select Committee launch inquiry into lowering vote age to 16

Inquiry to explore issues around votes-at-16

Lords question experts on broadcast tv debates

Communications Committee questions Professor Stephen Coleman and Tim Gardam at 3.30pm

Committee take further evidence on voter engagement in UK

PCRC questions Hansard Society and Electoral Reform Society at 10am

Lords question Channel 4 on general election debates

Communications Committee explores Channel 4's role in General Election debates

More elections

Title Date
New Member of Parliament for Wythenshawe and Sale East 14.02.2014
Lords to lift the lid on general election debates 11.02.2014
Lords completes scrutiny of Lobbying Bill 30.01.2014
Justice Secretary gives evidence on draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill 20.11.2013
UK Youth Parliament in House of Commons Chamber 15.11.2013
Lords Committee looking at coalition government hear from David Laws MP 30.10.2013