Updated analyses of 2015 General Election results

This paper provides additional analysis and statistics of the General Election 2015.

Lords private members' bills

Peers consider bills on airports and political opinion polling

Election of the Commons Speaker 2015

The Speaker's election took place on Monday 18 May

House of Commons meets on 18 May 2015

MPs meet following the 2015 General Election

Voter registration deadline for 2015 general election

Voter registration deadline for 2015 general election approaches

The deadline for registering to vote in the general election was Monday 20 April

More elections

Title Date
Recall of MPs Bill receives royal assent 26.03.2015
Parliament should return on Monday 11 May 26.03.2015
Committee reports on constitutional implications of draft Scotland clauses 22.03.2015
MPs debate televised election debates and cross-border crime 11.03.2015
Procedural arrangements for forming a Government after an election 09.03.2015
Individual Electoral Registration 2015 one-off session 02.03.2015