Scottish Parliament

Lords debates role of devolved administrations in Brexit

Photo of the Union flag

Peers consider implications for the union

Urgent action needed to end devolution stalemate on repatriation of powers

Scottish Affairs Committee report highlights concerns about impact of Brexit on devolution

Scotland's future migration needs discussed

Scottish Affairs Committee talks to academics about immigration and Scotland

Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit holds first meeting

Statement following first meeting of Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit is published

Michael Russell MSP and academics questioned on EU (Withdrawal) Bill

Scottish Affairs Committee examines the process of EU power repatriation and implications for devolution

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Title Date
Lords debate impact of Brexit on devolution 09.10.2017
Government responds to Brexit: devolution report 20.09.2017
Sixth Brexit Liaison Group Meeting held 27.04.2017
Lord McConnell gives evidence on Brexit and Scotland 24.03.2017
Ministers appear before joint sitting of Holyrood and Westminster Committees 20.03.2017
Expert peers give evidence for Brexit: devolution inquiry 02.03.2017