Northern Ireland Assembly

Title Date
Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Bill: All Commons stages 23.11.2015
What changes will the Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Bill 2015-16 deliver? 20.11.2015
Chairman visits Belfast to discuss vision for EU reform 20.11.2015
Economic Affairs Committee calls for halt to the Scotland Bill 20.11.2015
Statement on Northern Ireland political agreement: 19 November 2015 19.11.2015
This week in the Commons: 19 to 23 October 2015 23.10.2015
Statement on paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland: 20 October 2015 20.10.2015
This week in the Commons: 12 to 16 October 2015 16.10.2015
Leader of the House questioned on English Votes for English Laws 13.10.2015
Statement on Northern Ireland political developments: 15 September 2015 15.09.2015
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 11 September 2015 10.09.2015
Statement on Northern Ireland political situation: 8 September 2015 08.09.2015
Commons remaining stages: Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland) Bill 04.03.2015
Commons second reading Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland) Bill 27.01.2015
Lords to question Director General of Deputy Prime Minister’s office 14.01.2015
Statement on the Stormont House Agreement: 7 January 2015 07.01.2015
Permanent Secretary gives evidence for "on-the-runs" inquiry 06.01.2015
Urgent Question on the talks process in Northern Ireland 15.12.2014
MPs consider Lords amendments to Northern Ireland Bill 12.03.2014
MPs debate remaining stages of Northern Ireland Bill 18.11.2013