Northern Ireland Assembly

Statement on Northern Ireland: 26 June 2017

Statement made by First Secretary of State in the Commons

Northern Ireland (Ministerial Appointments and Regional Rates) Bill: Commons stages

The Northern Ireland (Ministerial Appointments) Bill has receives Royal Assent

Statement on Northern Ireland political developments: 28 March 2017

Statement made by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in the Commons

Brexit and Northern Ireland: former party leaders give evidence

EU Committee takes evidence on 21 March 2017 at 4.05pm

Treasury must investigate if post-Brexit tax powers can boost tourism

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee publishes report on promoting tourism in Northern Ireland

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Title Date
Sammy Wilson MP gives evidence on Brexit and Northern Ireland 10.03.2017
Ireland's Ambassador gives government's perspective on cross-border issues post-Brexit 08.02.2017
Brexit: devolution – EU Committee launches new inquiry 27.01.2017
Statement on Northern Ireland Assembly election: 17 January 2017 17.01.2017
Statement on Northern Ireland Political Developments: 10 January 2017 10.01.2017
Land border with Republic of Ireland examined with Academics 16.11.2016