Lords examines Wales Bill

The Welsh flag.

Peers discuss Welsh tribunals

Land border with Republic of Ireland examined with Academics

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee considers issues posed by the land border with Republic of Ireland

What is the role of charities and regulators in devolved nations?

Select Committee on Charities takes evidence on Tuesday 8 November at 4.00pm

Too soon to judge EVEL - extended trial period required

Constitution Committee publishes report on English votes for English laws

Jack Straw questioned by Committee

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines Government support for victims of IRA attacks

More devolution

Title Date
Committee visits Belfast and Dublin for Brexit: UK-Irish relations inquiry 14.10.2016
Northern Ireland Secretary questioned on UK-Ireland relationship following Brexit 05.10.2016
Scottish Government quizzed on demographics of Scotland 14.09.2016
Leaders questioned on English Votes for English Laws 13.09.2016
Wales Bill: Commons remaining stages 12.09.2016
This week in the Commons: 15 July 2016 15.07.2016