Title Date
Immigration Minister to be questioned on EU Agenda on Migration 08.07.2015
Minister for Schools questioned on Priority Schools Building Programme 18.03.2015
Responsibilities of the Secretary of State for Wales 17.03.2015
Committee takes evidence from Home Secretary 17.03.2015
Lords Committee to question Esther McVey MP 16.03.2015
Childcare and Education Minister questioned on Sure Start centres 11.03.2015
Former Leaders of the House of Commons questioned 04.03.2015
Prime Minister questioned on countries affected by Islamist extremism 24.02.2015
Factors affecting growth at smaller airports 23.02.2015
Minister for Policing questioned on Criminal Cases Review Commission 03.02.2015
Minister for Disabled People gives evidence in one-off session 28.01.2015
Minister discusses the implementation of electricity market reform 13.01.2015
Home Secretary and Justice Secretary give evidence 12.01.2015
Secretary of State discusses outcomes of Lima COP 20 07.01.2015
David Sedaris gives evidence as part of Litter inquiry 06.01.2015
School Reform Minister of State questioned on PSHE and SRE 17.12.2014
Liaison Committee question Prime Minister on climate change and radicalisation 16.12.2014
Secretary of State on further devolution to Scotland 16.12.2014
Committee takes evidence from the Home Secretary 15.12.2014
Lord Chancellor has a special responsibility to uphold the rule of law and to protect constitutional principles 11.12.2014