Chairman writes to Leader of the House

Chairman of Select Committee on Charities responds to withdrawal of Minister's scheduled appearance

Lords debates government and Parliament

Peers discuss the balance of power

Urgent Question on Trade Union Bill: 28 April 2016

Question asked by Bernard Jenkin in the Commons

Urgent Question on the Privy Council and the EU referendum

Question asked by Tom Watson MP in the House of Commons

Urgent Question on EU referendum guidance

Question asked by Bernard Jenkin in the Commons

More ministers

Title Date
Ministers questioned on mental health and well-being of looked-after children 03.02.2016
Secretary of State gives evidence on work of Defra 26.01.2016
Secretary of State explains statement on post-study visas 19.01.2016
Government Ministers give evidence on online platforms 14.12.2015
Europe Minister answers questions on EU referendum and refugee crisis 14.12.2015
Minister for Europe gives evidence on EU Strategic Review 19.11.2015