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Young adults in criminal justice system: change in policy needed

Justice Committee report finds dealing effectively with young adults while brain is still developing is crucial

Mobile and internet companies discuss online safety controls

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 25 October at 4.15pm

Former Irish Prime Ministers discuss implications of Brexit

EU Select Committee takes evidence on 25 October

Experts give evidence on social enterprise and investment

Select Committee on Charities takes evidence on Tuesday 25 October at 4.40pm

Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 25 October 2016

MPs bid for a number of debates including the future of the Post Office

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Title Date
Urgent Question on Procedure Committee's report on Private Members' Bills: 25 October 2016 25.10.2016
Secretary of State questioned on Brexit impact on natural environment 25.10.2016
Ministers questioned on the implications of leaving the EU 25.10.2016
Lords examines Policing and Crime Bill 25.10.2016
What impact do licensing laws have on public health? 25.10.2016
Director of the Serious Fraud Office questioned by Committee 25.10.2016