Parliament, government and politics

Lords debates Syria

Lords to debate Syria on Wednesday 2 December

FCO and International Criminal Court gives evidence to committee

Sexual Violence in Conflict Committee takes evidence at 3.45pm Tuesday 1 December

How can the Equality Act be enforced outside of court?

Equality Act 2010 and Disability Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 1 December

MPs debate motion on ISIL in Syria

MPs to debate ISIL in Syria on Wednesday 2 December

European Union Referendum Bill: Lords third reading

Final chance to ‘tidy up’ the bill

More parliament, government and politics

Title Date
Comprehensive Spending Review and Autumn Statement examined 01.12.2015
Immigration Bill: Commons remaining stages 01.12.2015
Lords examines Enterprise Bill 01.12.2015
Education and Adoption Bill: Lords report stage 01.12.2015
Dame Kate Barker gives evidence on the UK Housing Market 01.12.2015
Director General of Border Force gives evidence on countering extremism 01.12.2015