Parliament, government and politics

Government and supermarkets must do more to prevent food waste scandal

Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee report on the financial cost of wasted food

MPs urge greater support for regenerative medicine

Science and Technology Committee publishes report on regenerative medicine

"Inexcusable" lack of support for modern slavery victims

Work and Pensions Committee says failures in the UK's system allow abusers to go free

End dominance of big homebuilding firms to fix broken market

Communities and Local Government Committee report on capacity in the homebuilding industry

Commercial spaceflight poised for take-off from the UK

Science and Technology Committee publishes report on Draft Spaceflight Bill

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Title Date
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Digital Economy Bill: Commons stages 28.04.2017
Technical and Further Education Bill: Commons stages 28.04.2017
Pension Schemes Bill: Commons stages 28.04.2017
Northern Ireland (Ministerial Appointments and Regional Rates) Bill: Commons stages 28.04.2017