North America

Emergency debate on changes in US immigration policy

MPs took part in an emergency debate on Monday 30 January 2017

Lords debates Brexit and UK international relations

United Nations Headquaters

Priorities for new Secretary-General of UN in spotlight

China in the Middle East: Committee discusses regional engagement

China map

International Relations Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 30 November at 11:30am

Lords debates Iraq Inquiry report

Peers discuss Chilcot report

MPs debated US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement

Backbench Business debate took place in Westminster Hall on 6 November

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Title Date
UK-US extradition treaty in the spotlight as lords question US legal experts 23.07.2014
Use of Diego Garcia by United States report published 19.06.2014
"Once in a generation trade opportunity" report debated 17.06.2014
Committee questions Minister on safe harbour 09.04.2014
Lords look at lessons learnt from recent trade agreement 16.01.2014
Lords Committee look at food and farming sectors 09.01.2014