International development

Statement on the humanitarian situation in Mosul: 12 July 2017

Statement made by Secretary of State in the Commons

Lords debates UK development aid budget

Photo of a bag that is marked UK Aid

Peers discuss case for measuring impact

Lords concludes Queen's Speech debate

Photo of the Lords Chamber with members

Peers discuss government's legislative agenda

Committee sceptical of commitment to scrutinise billion pound conflict fund

Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy forces Government to recognise fund requires scrutiny

CDC must control costs as it faces new investment challenges

Public Accounts Committee report on the CDC, formally know as the Commonwealth Development Corporation

More international development

Title Date
More work required to combat fraud in Government's overseas spending 25.04.2017
More robust approach required for aid contractors 04.04.2017
DFID’s response to the global learning crisis examined 28.03.2017
DFID should spend UK aid better, not spend less 28.03.2017
Lords debates UK’s relationship with the Commonwealth 17.03.2017
How DfID tackles fraud examined 15.03.2017