Urgent Question on human rights in Burma: 18 January 2017

Urgent Question asked in the Commons

MPs debate Kashmir

On 19 January MPs debated and approved a motion on Kashmir

MPs debate the situation in Yemen

On 12 January 2017 MPs debated a motion in the Commons Chamber

Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 6 December 2016

MPs bid for debates on Kashmir and statutory pubs code

China in the Middle East: Committee discusses regional engagement

China map

International Relations Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 30 November at 11:30am

More asia

Title Date
Japanese Ambassador discusses Brexit implications for Japanese firms in the UK 04.11.2016
Iran deal and regional influence examined by committee 26.10.2016
Emergency debate: Humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo and Syria 11.10.2016
House of Commons supports the Burmese Parliament Research Service 28.07.2016
Lords debates Palestinian children 22.07.2016
Lords debates Iraq Inquiry report 13.07.2016