International affairs

Experts give evidence on EU Kosovo and Somalia CSDP missions

EU External Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Thursday 22 February at 10.05am

How well is the UK managing relations with the US?

UK-US flags

International Relations Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 21 February at 10.30am

Minister questioned on Commonwealth Summit

Foreign Affairs Committee questions Minister on how the Commonwealth features post-Brexit

Statement on safeguarding in the aid sector: 20 February 2018

Statement from the International Development Secretary in the Commons

More international affairs

Title Date
Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill: Commons Second Reading 20.02.2018
NGOs and DFID questioned on sexual exploitation 20.02.2018
EU relations with Turkey and the US examined 19.02.2018
Kurdish aspirations: FCO should help to prevent new conflicts 11.02.2018
Minister of State questioned on UK's influence at the UN 07.02.2018
Committee examines how US foreign policy is impacting international affairs 07.02.2018