Private rented housing

Farmers, small businesses and landlords provide evidence on tax

Finance Bill Sub-Committee takes evidence on Monday 20 February at 2.05pm

Economic Affairs Committee criticises Government Response to its Housing Report

Economic Affairs Committee publishes the Government’s response to its report - Building more homes

Lords debates Autumn Statement

Peers discuss economy following Chancellor's speech

Lords private members' bills

Peers discuss asset freezing, arms broker registration and renters' rights

More private rented housing

Title Date
Housing and Planning Bill returns to the Lords 12.05.2016
What housing lessons can UK learn from other countries? 16.03.2016
Private rented sector representatives provide evidence to Committee 04.03.2016
National Housing Federation gives evidence on UK Housing Market 29.01.2016
Professor Danny Dorling gives evidence on the UK housing market 15.12.2015
Dame Kate Barker gives evidence on the UK Housing Market 01.12.2015