Health education and preventive medicine

Westminster Hall debates: 24 March 2015

Westminster Hall debates: 24 March 2015

MPs debated Commonwealth Day, London property taxes and other subjects

Lords discusses tobacco packaging

Regulations on plain packaging agreed

EU Alcohol Strategy report published

The EU Home Affairs, Health and Education Sub-Committee urges EU action to combat alcohol-related harm

Commons Private Members’ Bills: 27 February 2015

Debate began with Health Service Commissioner England (Complaint Handling) Bill

Lords debates Ebola

How can health systems in Africa be improved?

More health education and preventive medicine

Title Date
Lords debates AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 12.12.2014
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health questioned on EU Alcohol Strategy 10.12.2014
Alcohol misuse experts and Advertising Association questioned on Alcohol Strategy 03.12.2014
Statement on avian influenza: 17 November 2014 17.11.2014
The Lord Speaker on the fight against malaria 07.11.2014
Researchers and Advertising Standards Authority questioned on EU Alcohol Strategy 05.11.2014