Health services and medicine

Title Date
Lords debates recruitment, retention and conditions of NHS staff 01.12.2017
Patients badly failed by 'staggering' mishandling of sensitive data 29.11.2017
Statement on Maternity Safety Strategy: 28 November 2017 28.11.2017
Challenges facing nursing workforce in England examined 28.11.2017
Health Minister questioned on reciprocal healthcare after Brexit 24.11.2017
Health implications of leaving Euratom explored by Committee in one-off session 22.11.2017
Artificial Intelligence: is it good for our health? 21.11.2017
How can an effective industrial strategy stimulate a culture of enterprise? 21.11.2017
Child and adolescent mental health services examined 21.11.2017
Lords debates human rights and care of older people 17.11.2017
Urgent Question on hormone pregnancy tests: 16 November 2017 16.11.2017
Committee considers reciprocal healthcare post-Brexit with Professor Martin McKee 15.11.2017
Committee examines nursing workforce 14.11.2017
How can investment in the life sciences sector be improved? 14.11.2017
Committee questions experts on reciprocal healthcare in Ireland and Northern Ireland post-Brexit 13.11.2017
Plans to address shortfall in nursing staff examined 07.11.2017
Innovation and the NHS: Committee to investigate 06.11.2017
Commons Private Members' Bill: 3 November 2017 03.11.2017
Kidney and diabetes charities discuss reciprocal healthcare after Brexit with Committee 01.11.2017
This week in the Commons: 26 October 2017 27.10.2017