Exiting the European Union

Title Date
Implications of Brexit for Irish border examined 20.03.2018
Senior lawyer and former judge questioned on enforcement and dispute resolution post-Brexit 20.03.2018
Urgent Question on Customs arrangements at UK ports after Brexit 19.03.2018
Metro mayors questioned on Brexit and local government 19.03.2018
Regulatory divergence 'self-defeating' for aerospace sector post-Brexit 19.03.2018
Progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal report published 18.03.2018
Minister discusses Brexit and climate change with Committee 16.03.2018
Brexit: plant and animal biosecurity inquiry launched 16.03.2018
Impact of post-Brexit trade on Welsh economy explored 13.03.2018
EU Committee visits Gibraltar to examine impact of Brexit 13.03.2018
Committee examines impact of Brexit on UK space sector 09.03.2018
Eleventh Informal Brexit Liaison Group meeting held 08.03.2018
Government responds to Brexit and civil nuclear sector report 08.03.2018
Committee takes evidence on CSDP missions and UK co-operation post-Brexit 08.03.2018
Impact of Brexit on EU Emissions Trading Scheme examined by Committee 07.03.2018
MPs debate EU citizenship and the Armed Forces Covenant 07.03.2018
Minister questioned on UK-US Trade relations 07.03.2018
Government has much work to do to avoid cliff edge for non-EU trade 07.03.2018
Chancellor and Brexit Secretary questioned on EU Withdrawal 06.03.2018
Minister questioned on Brexit science and innovation 06.03.2018