Exiting the European Union

Clarity on future of chemicals regulation needed

Environmental Audit Committee's the Future of Chemicals Regulation after the EU Referendum report published

Updates on negotiating positions of wide range of dossiers published

European Scrutiny Committee report providing updates on negotiating positions on wide range of dossiers

Brexit and health and social care

Health Committee report on the process and preparations being made by the Department of Health

Sixth Brexit Liaison Group Meeting held

UK and EU flag

The sixth meeting of the Informal Brexit Liaison Group, set up by the House of Lords Liaison Committee, was held on Wednesday 26 April 2017.

Home Office Minister gives evidence on the EU Data Protection Package


EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on 26 April 2017 at 10.45am

More exiting the european union

Title Date
Address staffing, immigration and research concerns to protect UK universities 25.04.2017
Government responds to report on the legality of EU Sanctions 21.04.2017
Constitutional implications of Brexit examined 19.04.2017
Committee launches new inquiry on Brexit: consumer protection rights 19.04.2017
Potential financial settlement for EU exit examined 19.04.2017
Academics discuss US, NATO and UK defence relations 18.04.2017