EU law and treaties

Title Date
Home Secretary questioned on European Public Prosecutor’s Office impact on UK 07.05.2014
Lords Committee hears evidence from President of Eurojust 07.05.2014
Lords ask if EU plans to reform the big banks are too little too late 06.05.2014
MPs debate UK’s 2014 Justice and Home Affairs opt-out decision 07.04.2014
Lords Committee scrutinises EU sanctions regimes 06.02.2014
MPs debate remaining stages of EU (Approvals) Bill 27.01.2014
EU Committee questions Minister for Europe 14.01.2014
Lords Committee look at food and farming sectors 09.01.2014
City organisations questioned on EU/US investment partnership 05.12.2013
Don’t penalise English farmers urge MPs 03.12.2013
Lords take evidence on EU justice and home affairs 27.11.2013
Unions' responsibilities to help reduce youth unemployment 25.11.2013
Lords question academics on EU plans for justice and home affairs 20.11.2013
Tackling Youth Unemployment in the EU: Lords ask 'are the young being heard?' 11.11.2013
UK's block opt-out of pre-Lisbon criminal law and policing measures 07.11.2013
Lords aim to identify top priorities in tackling youth unemployment in EU 04.11.2013
Power to ban legal highs should remain with Member States 04.11.2013
MPs call for Commons vote on European Arrest Warrant 31.10.2013
Government's 2014 opt-in list does not go far enough 31.10.2013
Lords to discuss proposal regarding new psychoactive substances with new Home Office Minister 16.10.2013