European Commission

Evidence-based approach must be at heart of TTIP debate

Committee says it is difficult to assess benefits of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Lords committee to question Treasury, Bank of England and PRA

EU financial regulatory framework oral evidence concludes

Appointment of Lord Hill to the European Commission

Foreign Affairs Committee questions Lord Hill on the challenges facing the Commission

MPs debate UK's Justice and Home Affairs Opt-outs

MPs debate UK's Justice and Home Affairs Opt-outs

General debate took place in Commons on 10 July

Lords ask if ban on risky bank trading will work

EU Sub-Committee Economic and Financial Affairs question European Commission at 10.20am

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Title Date
Lords scrutinise Commission proposals for Safe Harbour data protection 12.03.2014
Lords look at lessons learnt from recent trade agreement 16.01.2014
European Commission Director questioned on shadow banking 10.12.2013
Financial Transaction Tax proposal ‘unjustified and misconceived’ 10.12.2013
Power to ban legal highs should remain with Member States 04.11.2013
Lords take evidence on implementing EU agricultural reforms 11.09.2013