European Union

Title Date
EU referendum impact on Northern Ireland explored with academics 02.02.2016
Specialists give evidence on Economic and Monetary Union 02.02.2016
Urgent Question on UK's relationship with the EU: 2 February 2016 02.02.2016
Financial dimension to agricultural resilience explored by Committee 29.01.2016
Financial regulatory bodies examine UK's EU membership 28.01.2016
Reasoned Opinion on European Parliament electoral reform recommended by Committee 27.01.2016
Committee explores international approaches to agricultural resilience 26.01.2016
Secretary of State gives evidence on Human Rights Act repeal 26.01.2016
Committee explores how EU membership influences private research and development 26.01.2016
Economic and Monetary Union inquiry continues in Brussels 22.01.2016
Foreign Secretary gives evidence on Visions of EU reform 20.01.2016
What are the issues surrounding Economic and Monetary Union? 20.01.2016
Minister to justify non-participation in access to a lawyer Directive 19.01.2016
Foreign Office officials questioned on the migration and refugee crisis 18.01.2016
European Commission questioned on agricultural resilience and Common Agricultural Policy 15.01.2016
French Senators give evidence on Visions of EU reform 15.01.2016
Role of innovation and research explored by committee 13.01.2016
Experts give evidence on Banking and Fiscal Union 12.01.2016
National Academies explore impact of EU membership on UK science 07.01.2016
Statement on European Council: 5 January 2016 05.01.2016