European Union

Title Date
Brexit impact on Wales explored by EU Committee 13.03.2017
Article 50: 'Dereliction of duty' to fail to plan for 'no deal' 12.03.2017
Home Office questioned on immigration policy after Brexit 10.03.2017
Sammy Wilson MP gives evidence on Brexit and Northern Ireland 10.03.2017
Which sectors will be hit hardest by controls on EU workers? 08.03.2017
UK Information Commissioner questioned on the EU Data Protection Package 08.03.2017
What is the Government's plan for British agriculture and Brexit? 08.03.2017
Europol Director questioned on policing and security issues 07.03.2017
Representatives of Welsh Government questioned on EU withdrawal 07.03.2017
Access to European broadcasting market post-Brexit questioned 07.03.2017
Brexit impact on universities in the North and Scotland examined 07.03.2017
Government still unclear on trade after Brexit 07.03.2017
'Great Repeal Bill' should not be used to avoid parliamentary scrutiny 07.03.2017
Government should pursue preferential agreement with EU on future migration 06.03.2017
Government must act now to safeguard rights of EU citizens in UK 05.03.2017
UK payments to EU budget could end but political consequences would be profound 04.03.2017
Government response to Brexit: the options for trade report 03.03.2017
Publication of 'Great Repeal Bill' and delegated powers report 03.03.2017
Minister for the Constitution gives annual evidence to Committee 03.03.2017
Minister questioned on EU Chemical regulations 02.03.2017