European Union

Title Date
Next EU Justice and Home Affairs programme must not be another “shopping list” 14.04.2014
Committee questions Minister on safe harbour 09.04.2014
Lords ask if ban on risky bank trading will work 08.04.2014
MPs debate UK’s 2014 Justice and Home Affairs opt-out decision 07.04.2014
European Anti-Fraud Office questioned on EU Public Prosecutor's Office proposal 07.04.2014
Urgent action on food waste needed 06.04.2014
Eurozone's 'fundamental weaknesses' leave it wide open to crisis 04.04.2014
Legal experts questioned on proposed establishment of EU Public Prosecutor's Office 02.04.2014
Forestry Minister Dan Rogerson MP questioned on EU forestry policy 02.04.2014
Statement on EU Council and Nuclear Security Summit: 26 March 2014 26.03.2014
Publication of First Joint Report of Session 2013-14 26.03.2014
National parliaments should have greater role in EU decision-making 24.03.2014
UK Trade and Investment minister questioned on EU/US trade deal 20.03.2014
Lords debates Ukraine 19.03.2014
Forestry industry and National Trust questioned on forestry strategy 19.03.2014
Lords scrutinise Commission proposals for Safe Harbour data protection 12.03.2014
Statement on the March EU Council meeting: 10 March 2014 10.03.2014
Corporate Europe Observatory questioned on proposed EU/US trade deal 06.03.2014
Statement on Ukraine: 4 March 2014 04.03.2014
Bank of England Deputy Governor to give evidence to Lords on euro area crisis 04.03.2014