European Union

Title Date
Sub-Committee to hear from energy sector representatives 22.10.2014
Sub-Committee seek to gauge the effect of reforms 21.10.2014
Flying under the radar? Lords ask if drones legislation needs updating 20.10.2014
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 17 October 2014 17.10.2014
Lords ask whether EU sanctions on Russia are having the wrong effect 16.10.2014
Lords to question BIS Minister on scrutiny override and failure to reply to their letter 15.10.2014
Lords to question academics on EU Alcohol Strategy 15.10.2014
Committee to hear evidence on the European Arrest Warrant 14.10.2014
Sub-Committee to ask if regulation is inconsistent across Europe 14.10.2014
Civil use of Drones, is regulation at EU level required? 13.10.2014
MPs debate Ukraine, Middle East, North Africa and security 10.09.2014
Statement on EU Council, security and Middle East: 1 September 2014 01.09.2014
'Right to be forgotten' is misguided in principle and unworkable in practice, say Lords 30.07.2014
Lords hear from former British Ambassador and regional expert 24.07.2014
Data Retention Bill: Lords committee and remaining stages 18.07.2014
Minister for Europe questioned on scrutiny of EU business 16.07.2014
Lords to question Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission 15.07.2014
MPs debate UK's Justice and Home Affairs Opt-outs 10.07.2014
Academic questioned on EU-Russia relations 10.07.2014
Lords question Minister on the right to be forgotten 09.07.2014