European Union

Title Date
EU (Withdrawal) Bill needs amending to make it constitutionally acceptable 29.01.2018
Financial services industry needs clarity on post-Brexit market access, says Committee 27.01.2018
Bank of England Governor questioned on Brexit and the economy 26.01.2018
Lords debates role of devolved administrations in Brexit 26.01.2018
Unknown costs of Brexit limit ability to react to economic shocks 26.01.2018
Committee visits Dublin, Belfast and Derry/Londonderry for UK-Irish relations follow up 25.01.2018
David Davis gives evidence on Brexit negotiations 25.01.2018
Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill: Lords third reading 25.01.2018
Committee disappointed by Government response to Brexit: UK-EU movement of people report 25.01.2018
Experts give evidence to Brexit: CSDP missions inquiry 25.01.2018
Potential impact of Brexit report published 25.01.2018
Minister questioned on rolling over EU trade agreements 24.01.2018
Nuclear Safeguards Bill: Commons Remaining Stages 23.01.2018
Secretary of State questioned on impact of Brexit for patients 23.01.2018
Lords debates US foreign policy 19.01.2018
Ministers give evidence on UK-Irish relations follow up 19.01.2018
Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit holds second meeting 19.01.2018
This week in the Commons: 19 January 2018 19.01.2018
Committee highlights concerns for trade in waste post-Brexit 18.01.2018
Government responds to Brexit: UK-EU movement of people report 18.01.2018