European Union

Title Date
Minister questioned on UK-US Trade relations 07.03.2018
Government has much work to do to avoid cliff edge for non-EU trade 07.03.2018
Chancellor and Brexit Secretary questioned on EU Withdrawal 06.03.2018
Minister questioned on Brexit science and innovation 06.03.2018
Statement on UK/EU future economic partnership: 5 March 2018 05.03.2018
Health Minister gives evidence on reciprocal healthcare post-Brexit 05.03.2018
Director of Europol gives evidence on the proposed UK-EU security treaty 02.03.2018
This week in the Commons: 2 March 2018 02.03.2018
Brexit: the proposed UK-EU security treaty inquiry launched 01.03.2018
Brexit: Overseas Territories - Committee criticises inadequate Government response 01.03.2018
Car industry Brexit negotiations an 'exercise in damage limitation' 01.03.2018
Urgent Question: Border arrangements between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland 28.02.2018
Post-Brexit food prices discussed by Minister 28.02.2018
Tensions in UK position on Brexit and Irish border need to be ‘settled now’ 27.02.2018
Former Director General of the World Trade Organisation questioned 27.02.2018
Academics and think tanks questioned on enforcement and dispute resolution post-Brexit 27.02.2018
Government response to Brexit: sanctions policy report 26.02.2018
Lords Committee raises concerns about the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill 23.02.2018
Defra questioned on EU Commission’s ‘no deal’ stakeholder advice 22.02.2018
Committee questions Minister on EU Withdrawal 22.02.2018