European Union

Statement on triggering Article 50

Statement made by Prime Minister, Theresa May

Brexit: farm animal welfare discussed at roundtable


EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 5 April at 10.00am

Brexit and the EU budget report debated by Lords


Deabte on Brexit and the EU Budget report takes place on Thursday 6 April

Clarity needed on UK access to Digital Single Market post-Brexit

European Scrutiny Committee report asks for case-by-case assessment of how EU digital initiatives could be achieved

Crown Dependencies engagement with Brexit report

Justice Committee report says more clarity needed for the Crown Dependencies over Brexit

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Title Date
Committees disappointed by Government response to Brexit: the options for trade report 27.03.2017
Lord McConnell gives evidence on Brexit and Scotland 24.03.2017
EU membership and UK science after the referendum report debated 23.03.2017
Brexit: environment and climate change report debated by Lords 23.03.2017
Don't forget the Crown Dependencies in Brexit talks, say Lords 23.03.2017
MPs debate exiting the European Union and global trade 22.03.2017