European Union

Brexit: Labour Market threat or opportunity?

The Economic Affairs Committee considers the challenges for Brexit and the Labour Market

Lords debates creative industries

Peers consider impact of EU withdrawal on sector

Lords debates liberal international order

Peers discuss challenges posed by populism and nationalism

Academics and former MEP give evidence on Brexit: Gibraltar

EU Select Committee takes evidence on 24 January at 4.05pm

Brexit: agriculture - new inquiry launched

The Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee announces a short inquiry

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Title Date
MPs debate exiting the EU and security, law enforcement and criminal justice 18.01.2017
Minister discusses proposal for rules governing certified fertiliser products 18.01.2017
Brexit’s impact on the UK labour market examined 18.01.2017
What are the UK's obligations under the EU Budget post-Brexit? 18.01.2017
Migration Advisory Committee and think-tanks discuss UK-EU migration 17.01.2017
Statement on a new partnership with the EU: 17 January 2017 17.01.2017