Renewable energy

Statement on ending new subsidies for onshore wind

Statement made by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in the Commons

Westminster Hall debates: 16 June 2015

MPs debate Iran and the proposed nuclear agreement, access to drugs for ultra-rare disease and more

Commons Private Members’ Bills: 6 March 2015

Debate began with Mutuals' Deferred Shares Bill

Use smart technology to cut peak demand rather than coal

Report says electricity Capacity Market could have higher than necessary costs

Commons Private Members’ Bills: 27 February 2015

Debate began with Health Service Commissioner England (Complaint Handling) Bill

More renewable energy

Title Date
Ed Davey discusses DECC's Annual Report and Accounts 2013-14 21.01.2015
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 16 January 2015 16.01.2015
Westminster Hall debates: 6 January 2015 06.01.2015
Early contracts for renewable electricity 03.10.2014
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 24 January 2014 24.01.2014
Westminster Hall debates: 19 November 2013 19.11.2013