Climate change

Title Date
Westminster Hall debates: 10 September 2013 10.09.2013
Climate: Public understanding and policy implications 09.09.2013
Government failing to protect the Arctic 27.07.2013
Climate: Public understanding and policy implications 17.07.2013
Lords question Ed Davey MP on energy and climate change policy 15.07.2013
MPs question the Government Minister responsible for Arctic issues 09.07.2013
MPs take evidence on climate at Science Museum 26.06.2013
Fourth evidence session on Energy Prices, Profits and Poverty 21.05.2013
MPs take evidence on energy prices, profits and poverty 12.03.2013
'Building New Nuclear: the challenges ahead' report published 04.03.2013
Liaison Committee questions the Deputy Prime Minister for the first time 05.02.2013
Third Evidence Session on 'The Impact of Shale Gas on Energy Markets' 16.01.2013
MPs hold one-off evidence session on 'Outcomes of Doha COP 18' 18.12.2012
Third Evidence Session on 'Investment in Energy Infrastructure and the Energy Bill' 04.12.2012
Committee takes evidence on investment in energy infrastructure and the Energy Bill 20.11.2012
Second reading of Antarctic Bill and Presumption of Death Bill 05.11.2012
Lords debates Scott expedition centenary 19.10.2012
Westminster Hall debates: 12 September 2012 13.09.2012
MPs take evidence on building new nuclear, the challenges ahead 11.09.2012
"Work with China to deliver low-Carbon growth" urges Energy and Climate Change Committee 29.08.2012