Climate change

Title Date
Secretary of State questioned on environmental aspects of Heathrow expansion 25.11.2016
Matthew Bell Committee on Climate Change CEO questioned on post-Brexit policy 18.11.2016
What is the Government’s vision for environment and climate change policy post-Brexit? 09.11.2016
Business leaders discuss UK environment and climate change policy post-Brexit 08.11.2016
Climate change policy and trans-boundary environmental issues post-Brexit explored by Committee 02.11.2016
NGOs and academics discuss UK climate change policy post-Brexit 26.10.2016
The future of environment and climate change policy after Brexit 19.10.2016
Government must incentivise energy storage and demand side response 15.10.2016
This week in the Commons: 5-9 September 2016 09.09.2016
MPs debated the Paris agreement on climate change 07.09.2016
Government must learn from 'blinkered' approach to energy efficiency 20.07.2016
Brexit implications for energy and climate change policy explored by committee 08.07.2016
CMA's proposals for energy market reforms examined by Committee 04.07.2016
Estimate day debate: Courts and Tribunals fees and Energy spending priorities 04.07.2016
DEFRA questioned on the environmental impact of microplastics 14.06.2016
Proactive approach to flood management needed 09.06.2016
More action required to protect UK soil health 02.06.2016
Energy Bill returned to the Lords 11.05.2016
Councils and farmers discuss flood prevention methods 27.04.2016
Government should accept recommendation on fifth carbon budget 27.04.2016