Energy and environment

Title Date
Future of the UK's fishing industry to be debated 18.11.2016
Treasury must factor in long term environmental impact of policies 17.11.2016
Latest technological developments in energy sector explored by Committee 10.11.2016
What is the Government’s vision for environment and climate change policy post-Brexit? 09.11.2016
Energy producers and industrial users questioned on UK energy policy 08.11.2016
Business leaders discuss UK environment and climate change policy post-Brexit 08.11.2016
Urgent question on air quality: 3 November 2016 03.11.2016
Climate change policy and trans-boundary environmental issues post-Brexit explored by Committee 02.11.2016
MPs demand overhaul of Environment Agency flood role 02.11.2016
Should UK take the nuclear option for its energy needs? 01.11.2016
NGOs and academics discuss UK climate change policy post-Brexit 26.10.2016
Secretary of State questioned on Brexit impact on natural environment 25.10.2016
Post-Brexit trade in food and oil industries examined by Committee 24.10.2016
Lords debates environment and climate change 21.10.2016
The future of environment and climate change policy after Brexit 19.10.2016
Governor of the Bank of England answers questions on Brexit 19.10.2016
Energy security price and decarbonisation: What is the right balance? 18.10.2016
Government must incentivise energy storage and demand side response 15.10.2016
Managed rewilding and land management techniques examined by Committee 13.10.2016
Decarbonisation: Has the Government got it right? 11.10.2016