Title Date
MPs debate the NHS and job insecurity 05.02.2014
Two Government Ministers To Give Evidence on EU Youth Unemployment 03.02.2014
Young people should look abroad to find work, Lords Committee hears 27.01.2014
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 24 January 2014 24.01.2014
Employment experts and student organisations questioned on youth unemployment 16.12.2013
Iain Duncan Smith questioned on Universal Credit and DWP statistics 09.12.2013
McDonalds and Barclays appear before Lords Committee investigating youth unemployment 09.12.2013
Unions' responsibilities to help reduce youth unemployment 25.11.2013
How effective are EU programmes aimed at reducing youth unemployment? 18.11.2013
UK Youth Parliament in House of Commons Chamber 15.11.2013
Tackling Youth Unemployment in the EU: Lords ask 'are the young being heard?' 11.11.2013
Lords aim to identify top priorities in tackling youth unemployment in EU 04.11.2013
Artificial barriers hampering Work Programme in Wales 04.11.2013
How can the EU and UK Government tackle Youth Unemployment? 28.10.2013
What is being done to tackle youth unemployment in euro area? 23.07.2013
Committee to hear evidence on the Work Programme in Wales 03.07.2013
Forthcoming evidence session into the role of Jobcentre Plus 26.06.2013
MPs publish report on responding to change in jobcentres 19.06.2013
Evidence session: The Work Programme in Wales 04.06.2013
MPs debate Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Bill 19.03.2013