Further education

Is the system of Further Education and Vocational Training funded fairly?

Economic Affairs Committee visits the West Midlands on Thursday 14 December

Lords debates role of education in society

Photo of a bishop in the chamber

Contribution to a skilled society on Lords agenda

Is there enough respect for further and technical education?

Economic Affairs Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 5 December at 3.35pm

Integrity of public examinations scrutinised

Education Committee questions Ofqual and independent and state sectors

How do students decide what and where to study?

Economic Affairs Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 28 November at 3.35pm

More further education

Title Date
Urgent Question on the Student Loans Company: 20 November 2017 20.11.2017
HM Treasury and Department for Education provide evidence to inquiry 03.11.2017
Ways of funding higher education: experts give their views 30.10.2017
Committee takes evidence on student loans and government accounting 20.10.2017
Citizenship education discussed by Committee 18.10.2017
Do students get value for money? 13.10.2017