Public expenditure

Title Date
Second reading of Finance (No.4) Bill 17.04.2012
MPs question Whitehall officials on use of Government Procurement Cards 26.03.2012
MPs debate the 2012 budget, day three 23.03.2012
Urgent question on Budget leak inquiry 23.03.2012
Day one of the 2012 Budget debate 21.03.2012
Public Accounts Committee reports on Ministry of Justice financial management 20.03.2012
Public Accounts Committee reports on services for people with neurological conditions 16.03.2012
Budget 2012 statement 15.03.2012
Public Accounts Committee reports on reducing costs in the Department for Transport 13.03.2012
Committee reports on preparations for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games 09.03.2012
MPs debate living standards 06.03.2012
Public Accounts Committee publishes report on the BBC's efficiency programme 06.03.2012
MPs report on the oversight of special education for young people aged 16-25 24.02.2012
MPs take evidence on equity investment in privately financed projects 20.02.2012
Public Accounts Committee reports on the Whole of Government Accounts 2009-10 07.02.2012
Urgent question on public servants tax avoidance 03.02.2012
Public Accounts Committee reports on transferring cash and assets to the poor 03.02.2012
MPs report on flood risk management in England 31.01.2012
MPs publish report on the Court of the Bank of England's memorandum on accountability 23.01.2012
Treasury Committee takes evidence from Bank of England on Financial Stability Report 17.01.2012