Economy and finance

Title Date
Government must reconsider high interest rates on student loans 18.02.2018
This week in the Commons: 9 February 2018 09.02.2018
Asset Freezing (Compensation) Bill: Lords third reading 06.02.2018
Finance experts questioned on climate risk reporting and pension regulation 06.02.2018
Urgent Question on serious financial concerns at Capita: 1 February 2018 01.02.2018
Urgent Question: Government's analysis of long-term economic impact of Brexit 30.01.2018
Financial services industry needs clarity on post-Brexit market access, says Committee 27.01.2018
Bank of England Governor questioned on Brexit and the economy 26.01.2018
Unknown costs of Brexit limit ability to react to economic shocks 26.01.2018
Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill: Lords third reading 25.01.2018
Minister questioned on rolling over EU trade agreements 24.01.2018
Flawed tagging programme a catastrophic waste of public money 24.01.2018
Have your say on the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill 23.01.2018
Head of Green Investment Group questioned by Committee 23.01.2018
Abolish borrowing cap so local authorities can increase housing supply 22.01.2018
Lords debates US foreign policy 19.01.2018
Lords debates green finance and climate change 19.01.2018
Threat to defence projects if Carrier Strike runs over budget 19.01.2018
UK-US Trade impact on pharmaceutical and chemical sectors examined 17.01.2018
Funding system failing people with continuing healthcare needs 17.01.2018