Defence policy

MoD has little flexibility to deal with changing military priorities

Public Accounts Committee publishes report on the MoD's 10-year equipment and support plan

Academics discuss US, NATO and UK defence relations

Defence Committee examines UK and Europe's reliance on NATO and US for defence

Committee considers Common Foreign and Security Policy post-Brexit

EU and UK Flags

EU External Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Thursday 6 April at 10.05am

Lords debates Nato and UK defence

Peers discuss international security challenges

Diplomatic representatives and academics questioned on Defence in the Arctic

Defence Sub-Committee examine issues including the role of the UK in Arctic security affairs

More defence policy

Title Date
Lords debates capability of UK armed forces 12.01.2017
Lords debates UK's armed forces and diplomatic service 09.12.2016
National Security Adviser questioned on Conflict, Stability and Security Fund 28.11.2016
Lords debates claims against Ministry of Defence 25.11.2016
"Woefully low" total of Navy escort vessels could shrink still further 21.11.2016
Defence Secretary questioned on the SDSR 2015 and the Army 01.11.2016