Defence policy

Op Atalanta Commander gives evidence to Brexit: CSDP missions inquiry

EU External Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Thursday 8 February at 10.05am

Statement: Defence Modernisation Programme

Statement made by Defence Secretary in the Commons

Importance of security of North Atlantic to the UK

Academics questioned on bi-lateral defence and security relationship between Norway and the UK

Minister of State for Defence questioned on North Korea

Defence Committee questions Ministers on threat of nuclear or cyber attack

Five short debates in the Lords

Phot of Victoria Tower through gap in trees

Full day of debates for Lords

More defence policy

Title Date
Threat to defence projects if Carrier Strike runs over budget 19.01.2018
Urgent Question on proposed reductions in military forces 15.01.2018
Committee seeks views on Common Security and Defence Policy missions post-Brexit 12.01.2018
Cyber threat posed to UK by North Korea 19.12.2017
Report publication: Unclear for take-off? F-35 Procurement 19.12.2017
Defence analysts and Royal Marines questioned on UK amphibious capability 05.12.2017