Armed forces welfare

MPs debate Armed Forces pay and Exiting the EU

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Lords private members' bills

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Local audit documents, equality, missing persons and farriers on agenda

Lords debates Nato and UK defence

Peers discuss international security challenges

MPs debate the Armed Forces Covenant Report 2016

On 2 February MPs took part in a general debate in the Commons Chamber

More armed forces welfare

Title Date
Future of the defence estate examined 16.01.2017
Committee reports: MoD must be subject to Corporate Manslaughter charges 24.04.2016
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 29 January 2016 29.01.2016
Armed Forces Bill: Commons remaining stages 11.01.2016
Armed Forces Bill: Lords agrees Commons' changes 17.03.2015
MPs debate Armed Forces (Service Complaints and Financial Assistance) Bill 02.02.2015