Lords Committee question experts on EU's foreign and security policy

EU External Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Thursday 10 September at 10.05am

Statement on Counter-ISIL coalition strategy: 20 July 2015

Statement made by Defence Secretary in the Commons

Westminster Hall debates: 21 July 2015

MPs debate human rights in Saudi Arabia, tolls on the Severn bridges and more

Westminster Hall debates: 7 July 2015

MPs debate coastal flood risk, the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide and more

Global challenges: Lords general debate

Peers consider threats posed by terrorism, conflict, climate change and mass migration

More defence

Title Date
MPs debate Britain and international security 02.07.2015
Better intelligence, more strategic input needed in MOD decision-making 26.03.2015
Questions MoD must answer in planning next defence review (SDSR) 25.03.2015
Statement on Falkland Islands Defence Review: 24 March 2015 24.03.2015
Defence plans no longer address new threats 24.03.2015
Committee reports on defence equipment and major projects 20.03.2015