Title Date
Lords to hear from BBC Trust and Secretary of State on plurality 26.11.2013
Lords hear about media plurality in Wales and Northern Ireland 05.11.2013
Lords to hear from the Newspaper Society on media plurality 29.10.2013
BBC gives evidence on its annual report 22.10.2013
Debate on the future of the BBC 21.10.2013
Public Accounts Committee publishes report on BBC Salford 16.10.2013
Lords consider role of news agencies and producers in UK media plurality 08.10.2013
Lords to hear views on media plurality from David Elstein 30.07.2013
Lords explore role of public service broadcasters in UK media plurality 23.07.2013
Operation of existing media plurality framework: what lessons have been learned? 16.07.2013
Lords Puttnam and Fowler give evidence to Lords Committee 02.07.2013
Lords confront major proposals for media plurality reform 25.06.2013
Lords embark on major new inquiry into media plurality 11.06.2013
Committee takes evidence on BBC's relocation to Salford 10.06.2013
Priorities for the new Director-General of the BBC 25.04.2013
MPs publish report on the FCO performance and finances 2011-12 19.04.2013
Media regulation is not just about Leveson, says Lords 27.03.2013
Communications Minister to give evidence on media convergence 12.02.2013
Lords question Ofcom chiefs past and present on media convergence 25.01.2013
IPPR and Australian Convergence Review Committee representative to give evidence on media convergence 18.01.2013