BBC governance needs radical overhaul, Committee report finds

Culture, Media and Sport Committee publishes report on BBC Charter Review

Media Wales gives evidence on broadcasting

Welsh Affairs Committee takes evidence from one of Wales' leading newspaper publishers

Outgoing Channel 4 Chairman gives evidence to committee

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 2 February at 3.30pm

BBC Trust and S4C questioned by Committee

Welsh Affairs Committee takes evidence from BBC and S4C on broadcasting in Wales

BBC Trust Chairman and Director questioned on BBC Charter Review

Culture, Media and Sport Committee hears from BBC Trust executives on the broadcaster's future

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Title Date
Independent media companies questioned on broadcasting in Wales 15.01.2016
Broadcasting in Wales evidence continues 07.01.2016
Lords debates National Lottery at 21 years old 17.12.2015
Lord Hall questioned on BBC's Charter Review 16.12.2015
Broadcasting inquiry begins with a session in Welsh 07.12.2015
BBC Director-General gives evidence on public purposes 10.11.2015