Clear funding imbalance in favour of London must be rectified

Culture, Media and Sport Committee says Arts council should urgently restore balance to funding

Final evidence session: Work of the Arts Council

Culture Media & Sport Committee to take evidence from the Arts Council & DCMS

Intellectual Property Bill receives royal assent

The Intellectual Property Bill returned to the Lords for consideration of Commons' changes on Wednesday 2 April

Peers consider arts and cultural organisations

Lords discusses entrepreneurial spirit and funding across UK

Westminster Hall debates: 4 February 2014

Westminster Hall debates: 4 February 2014

MPs debated traveller policy, free schools and academies and more

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Title Date
Opposition debate on the arts and creative industries 19.06.2013
Lords debates culture and arts 14.06.2013
Support for the creative economy evidence session 26.02.2013
MPs take evidence on support for the creative industries 08.01.2013
Ceramic flower garden blooms outside Parliament 06.06.2012
EU Cultural Director in the spotlight over creative europe proposal 22.03.2012