International law

Title Date
This week in the Commons: 25 - 29 January 2016 29.01.2016
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 29 January 2016 29.01.2016
FCO and International Criminal Court gives evidence to committee 01.12.2015
Committee hears evidence from the FCO and International Criminal Court 16.11.2015
Human Rights Act repeal inquiry hears from Scottish Government minister 12.11.2015
Former Lord Chief Justice and ECJ judge appear before committee 09.11.2015
Support for victims of Gaddafi-supplied IRA attacks further evidence 20.10.2015
Lords Committee question experts on EU's foreign and security policy 10.09.2015
Lords debates the 'Responsibility to Protect' 17.07.2015
Minister for Europe to discuss EU referendum with Lords Committee 26.06.2015
Report on the UK's opt-in Protocol published 24.03.2015
The Government’s Review of the Balance of Competences discussed with academics 10.02.2015
Lords to question EU Law Professor 10.12.2014
Home Secretary to be questioned on Extradition Law 04.12.2014
Lords to hear about real life extradition experiences 26.11.2014
MPs debate EU Justice and Home Affairs measures 19.11.2014
UK Opt-in and its use in international treaties with Law Society 05.11.2014
Lords investigate access to legal advice, legal aid and the right to appeal extradition 29.10.2014
UK-US extradition treaty in the spotlight as lords question US legal experts 23.07.2014
Immigration and Security Minister questioned on Extradition Law 16.07.2014