Human rights

Title Date
FCO and International Criminal Court gives evidence to committee 01.12.2015
Lords debates freedom of speech in universities 25.11.2015
Accessibility in the built environment examined by Committee 24.11.2015
Equalities and Human Rights Commission questioned on strategic plan 24.11.2015
How are schools and hospitals affected by the Equality Act? 17.11.2015
Committee hears evidence from the FCO and International Criminal Court 16.11.2015
Human Rights Act repeal inquiry hears from Scottish Government minister 12.11.2015
Committee hears evidence on African Union and refugees 10.11.2015
Users of the Equality Act 2010 give evidence to Committee 10.11.2015
Former Lord Chief Justice and ECJ judge appear before committee 09.11.2015
This week in the Commons: 2 to 6 November 2015 06.11.2015
Committee hears evidence on peacekeepers and human rights 02.11.2015
Leading barristers give evidence on Human Rights Act repeal impact 27.10.2015
Urgent Question on the arrest of Chinese protesters: 26 October 2015 26.10.2015
Charities questioned on employment, accessing services and the Equality Act 20.10.2015
Human Rights Act repeal inquiry launches with evidence from academics 20.10.2015
Lords debates LGBTI citizens 18.09.2015
Lawyers' organisations questioned by Committee 08.09.2015
William Hague, Angelina Jolie Pitt and Baroness Helic to give evidence to Lords 08.09.2015
Equality and Human Rights Commission gives evidence to Committee 17.07.2015