Lords debates freedom of belief

Peers consider international compliance with Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Further evidence taken on violence against women and girls

Joint Committee on Human Rights takes further evidence on Wednesday 16 July

Lords committee to question Vince Cable on quotas for women on boards

Lords Committee to question Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills on Monday 7 July at 6.15pm

DFID’s response to report on Disability and Development welcomed

First Special Report of Session 2014-15 published

Voter engagement: Fifth evidence session

Electoral administrators and disability charities to give evidence on voter engagement

More equality

Title Date
Prioritise disability in development work, warn MPs 10.04.2014
Female genital mutilation: debate and evidence session 11.03.2014
Lords marks International Women's Day 07.03.2014
Lords private members bills 06.02.2014
MPs question Sports agencies and Minister on women in sport 04.02.2014
NGOs and academics with expertise on disability and development questioned 21.01.2014