Criminal law

Lords examines Policing and Crime Bill

Fire and rescue under spotlight

Lords debates guidelines for historical sex abuse investigations

Introduction of statutory guidelines on agenda

MPs debate reforming the law of homicide

On 30 June MPs will take part in a Westminster Hall debate on reforming the law of homicide

Lords private members' bills

Peers discuss asset freezing, arms broker registration and renters' rights

Lords private members' bills

Driving instructors and more on agenda

More criminal law

Title Date
Statement on Hillsborough: 27 April 2016 27.04.2016
Lord Chief Justice questioned by Constitution Committee 22.04.2016
Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Bill powers deserve proper consideration 25.02.2016
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 5 February 2016 05.02.2016
Lawyers and Minister give evidence on court and tribunal fees 03.02.2016
This week in the Commons: 25 - 29 January 2016 29.01.2016