Title Date
Hate crime against eastern Europeans and far-right extremism examined 10.01.2017
Urgent Question on perpetrators of domestic violence cross-examining their victims 09.01.2017
Report identifies risk to UK if police lose access to EU tools 16.12.2016
Muslim organisations and academics discuss Islamophobia 08.12.2016
EU policing and security issues examined 06.12.2016
Investigatory Powers Bill: Commons stages 30.11.2016
Urgent Question on historical sexual abuse in football: 29 November 2016 29.11.2016
MPs debate UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 24.11.2016
Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 22 November 2016 22.11.2016
Investigatory Powers Bill returns to the Lords 17.11.2016
Consequences of hate crime examined 15.11.2016
Sir Julian King gives evidence to Committee on Security Union 15.11.2016
Crown Prosecution Service questioned on criminal justice co-operation after Brexit 31.10.2016
This week in the Commons: 24-28 October 2016 28.10.2016
Young adults in criminal justice system: change in policy needed 26.10.2016
Mobile and internet companies discuss online safety controls 25.10.2016
Private Members' Bills: 21 October 2016 21.10.2016
Urgent Question on Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse 17.10.2016
Crime Agencies and police representatives discuss Brexit and security 12.10.2016
What are the Government priorities for police and security during Brexit negotiations? 11.10.2016