Lords debates claims against Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence sign

What is the case for limiting claims against armed forces?

Lord Chief Justice's report 2016 examined

Justice Committee questions Rt Hon Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice

Does the Licensing Act 2003 work in practice?

Licensing Act 2003 Committee takes evidence on 1 November 2016 at 10.45am

Government must develop over-arching strategy for magistracy

Justice Committee report finds range of unresolved issues, and serious recruitment and training problems

MPs debate domestic abuse victims in family law courts

On 15 September MPs took part in a Chamber debate on domestic abuse victims in family law courts

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Estimate day debate: Courts and Tribunals fees and Energy spending priorities 04.07.2016
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Sentence reduction for guilty pleas: risks in new guideline 14.06.2016
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