Administration of justice

Title Date
Commons remaining stages: Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 12.05.2014
Home Secretary questioned on European Public Prosecutor’s Office impact on UK 07.05.2014
Lords Committee hears evidence from President of Eurojust 07.05.2014
Constitution Committee questions Lord Chief Justice 07.05.2014
MPs debate UK’s 2014 Justice and Home Affairs opt-out decision 07.04.2014
Work of the Lord Chief Justice: one-off evidence session 02.04.2014
Administrative scheme for “on-the-runs” 02.04.2014
Debate on the background to and implications of the High Court judgment on John Downey 27.03.2014
Criminals choosing jail rather than pay confiscation orders 21.03.2014
Offender Rehabilitation Bill receives royal assent 20.03.2014
Work of the Court of Protection: one-off session 18.03.2014
Lords concludes scrutiny of Anti-Social Behaviour Bill 12.03.2014
Urgent Question on the John Downey judgement 26.02.2014
MPs examine crime reduction policies: a co-ordinated approach? 04.02.2014
Evidence session with Secretary of State for Justice 29.01.2014
Crime reduction policies: a co-ordinated approach? Committee publish interim report 22.01.2014
Role of judiciary if there were a codified constitution evidence 09.01.2014
Statement on Detainee Inquiry: 19 December 2013 19.12.2013
Role of the judiciary if there were a codified constitution 05.12.2013
Justice Committee holds fourth evidence session on Crime reduction policies 04.12.2013